Thinking hard about patterns in life and science.

The world of thought is an interesting and dangerous place. Too often I get lost in it and end with a desperate need to purge my mind.

Prepare to witness this.


I just had a thought.

In structural biology, which is the study of the structures biological molecules take on, it is spectroscopy that holds a magnifying glass. Spectroscopy uses lasers, infrared, magnets, and many wonderfully huge and amazing instruments to poke and prod atoms and the bonds between. Basically, it’s work with resonance frequencies. What are resonance frequencies? Specific, consistent vibrations, like when you push a “C” piano key, it makes a specific tone. So I was thinking… when I use these instruments to knock the electrons around, magnetize atomic nuclei, and basically shake these biological structures to their most essential core…

they talk back to me. They’re whispering back to me what they are. Each bond, each pairing, each little piece has its own small voice and it whispers back to me.

It’s my job to listen.